William Brooks (Senior Policy Advisor at United States Department of Labor)

William Brooks

Senior Policy Advisor at United States Department of Labor

Division of Government Contracts Enforcement, Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor

Bobby Cherian (Senior Vice President, Sales & Supply Chain at Hyliion)

Bobby Cherian

Senior Vice President, Sales & Supply Chain at Hyliion

After nearly three decades of domestic and international experiences in engineering, purchasing and sales, Bobby joined Hyliion and leads the sales and supply chain functions. He has spent his entire career in the transportation industry with over 20 of those years in heavy truck working for companies such as Meritor, and most recently, Dana, where he was leading global electrification and North America OEM sales.

Since joining Hyliion, Bobby has been overseeing the supply chain and sales organization. In this role, he is responsible for all fleet, OEM customer and supplier relationships, customer field service, and government affairs.

Robert Cintron (VP of Logistics at United States Postal Service)

Robert Cintron

VP of Logistics at United States Postal Service
Jim Cochrane (CEO of Package Shippers Association)

Jim Cochrane

CEO of Package Shippers Association

Jim Cochrane retired from The United States Postal Service after an over 42 year career with that agency. He was an Officer of the agency for over 10 years and was a member of the Executive Leadership Team for the last six years. His final position at USPS was as the Chief Customer, Sales and Marketing Officer where he directed all Marketing, Sales and Customer Value creation and was responsible for over $70 billion in annual revenue.
Prior to that role he was the Chief Information Officer. In that role he directed one of the largest IT infrastructures in the US. As CIO he developed a digital strategy that created an Information rich network that leveraged Intelligent Mail and Package barcodes, and billions of tracking events, to track and manage internal operations, and provide increased visibility for customers.

Jim Cochrane’s business skills and background are tremendously diverse because of the variety of organizational roles in which he served in leadership positions during his exceptional career with the USPS.

In two different roles; first as Chief Information Officer and then as Chief Customer and Marketing Officer he led the development of the Postal Services Digital Transformation Strategies.

Jim developed the go to market strategies to position the USPS as the best solution for e-commerce shipping needs in the US. He developed last mile strategies and shipping solutions that enabled the growth of e-commerce in this country. He drove the capital investment in customer facing technologies, to improve the customer experience, so USPS could grow their market share of shipments, as well as revenues and profits. This technology investment improved their market capability and became the foundation of 6 straight years of $2B in annual YOY revenue growth for their package business.

In 2018 Jim founded Cochrane Strategic Advisors, to help commercial corporations and federal agencies on their digital transformation journey, with a focus on Customer Experience, e-commerce and data and analytics. He continues to support Fortune 500 companies as well as agencies.

In January 2021 he became the CEO of the Package Shippers Association, the pre-eminent trade association for the e-commerce eco-system, focused on retailers, tech enablers, logistics, fulfillment and supportive suppliers to ensure commerce is delivered.

Chuck Coppa (CEO/CFO of American Power Group, Inc.)

Chuck Coppa

CEO/CFO of American Power Group, Inc.

Chuck Coppa is the CEO and CFO of American Power Group, a dual fuel technology provider since 2012 with an industry leading 500 EPA+ engine family approvals and multiple CARB Executive Orders for vehicular solutions. APG’s vehicular dual fuel solution has millions of on-road miles of operation in U.S. and aboard and through its V6000 dual fuel solution allows for substantial net fuel savings through the substitution of up to 60% natural gas for diesel, while significantly lowering diesel-related criteria pollutants and carbon footprint, with no loss of torque or power.

During his 20+ year tenure at APG, Mr. Coppa has provided overall financial leadership for the company including all SEC/IR/PR/GL reporting responsibilities and has led the successful closing of $100M+ in equity transactions and over $55M of bank/third party loans on behalf of the company. Mr. Coppa received his BS in Accounting from Bentley University.

Shanty Doodnauth (Manager, Local Distribution Transportation (LDT), Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service)

Shanty Doodnauth

Manager, Local Distribution Transportation (LDT), Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service
Jason Eversole (Vice President Carrier Operations and Strategy at FourKites)

Jason Eversole

Vice President Carrier Operations and Strategy at FourKites
Roger Franco (Director of Postal Operations at Pitney Bowes)

Roger Franco

Director of Postal Operations at Pitney Bowes

Roger leads the Postal Operations Group at Pitney Bowes and is an internal resource for topics related to USPS performance, mailing requirements, hazardous materials and any new USPS programs or mailing requirement changes. He works with USPS HQ regarding the PRS and eVS program, meets quarterly with USPS HQ executives and is involved with the mailing industry as a member of the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), including participation in several MTAC work groups and the Association of Priority Mail Users (APMU). Prior to working with Pitney Bowes Roger worked for the Postal Service. He has 20 years USPS management experience with his last position being in Sales. He had extensive experience in Plant operations, assignments as Postmaster, Delivery Supervisor, Marketing, and Account Management/Sales. Roger has a degree in Business Administration from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas.

Nathan (Nate) Franklin (Manager, Contract Delivery Services (CDS) at United States Postal Service)

Nathan (Nate) Franklin

Manager, Contract Delivery Services (CDS) at United States Postal Service

Cinthya Guerra

Senior Advisor, Division of Wage Determinations at U S Department of Labor
Keith Harris (Director, Surface Transportation CMC, Transportation Strategy of United States Postal Service)

Keith Harris

Director, Surface Transportation CMC, Transportation Strategy of United States Postal Service
David Hendel (Partner at Culhane Meadows)

David Hendel

Partner at Culhane Meadows

David’s legal career began as an Honors Attorney with the U.S. Postal Service General Counsel’s office, where he reviewed contracts, advised procurement officials, and litigated disputes. Entering private practice, he advised companies on issues arising under civilian and defense agency contracts, including matters of contract administration, performance, and compliance.

Soon enough, word got around that David was familiar with the Postal Service’s unique contracting environment, which is exempt from many federal procurement laws and has its own purchasing rules. Sought after by companies doing business with USPS or looking to do so, he has represented hundreds of clients, ranging from sole proprietors to Fortune 100 companies. He has worked with clients in many industries, including transportation and logistics, manufacturing, information technology, automotive, real estate and construction, materials handling, and robotics.

David’s government contracts practice has a wide berth. Clients have sought his advice on the bidding and award process, protests, contract administration, contract interpretation, subcontracting, compliance, contract changes, claims, payment issues, investigations, due diligence, audits, terminations, Freedom of Information Act requests, and suspension and debarment. He also has extensive experience assisting clients facing contract fraud investigations and False Claims Act claims.

Negotiated resolutions often produce the best outcomes for clients, so David seeks to find common ground and common-sense solutions. But when necessary, David is an active litigator, having represented clients in various forums, including: U.S. District Court, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the Postal Service Board of Contract Appeals (PSBCA), the USPS Supplier Disagreement Resolution Official (SDRO), and the General Accountability Office (GAO). He also provides training courses on contracting and compliance matters.

David is known for compiling an annual list of the Top 150 USPS contractors, which he has done for the past 20 years. He frequently presents seminars and writes articles on government contracting topics. David has also served as Association Attorney for the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association, whose members hold HCR and CDS contracts for the transportation and delivery of mail. He is author of the Thomson Reuters Briefing Paper, “Contracting with the U.S. Postal Service,” and often quoted in the media on postal contracting matters.

Jack Khudikyan (CEO of AJR trucking)

Jack Khudikyan

CEO of AJR trucking
Michele King (Director, Government Contractors Enforcement of United States Department of Labor)

Michele King

Director, Government Contractors Enforcement of United States Department of Labor

Michele is an honors graduate of Fayetteville State University, and she began her career in 2001 with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division (WHD) as a Wage Hour Technician in Raleigh, NC. In 2002, Michele was promoted to an investigator where she conducted investigations under most of the Acts administered by WHD as well as led teams in Agriculture and Immigration. In 2012, Michele joined management and worked in the Southeast region as an Assistant District Director in the Raleigh, NC District Office. She supervised a team of Wage Hour Investigators and Technicians.

In 2015, Michele transferred to the National Office where she served in many roles. She was the Implementation Specialist for the 2015 Home Care Final Rule where her primary role was to serve as the liaison between the Home Care Industry and the Department of Labor. Michele also served as an Enforcement Specialist for the National Office’s former Division of Enforcement Strategy and Support. As a National Office Enforcement Specialist, she and her team made site visits to Wage Hour District Offices around the country and applied the National Accountability Review process with the purpose of advancing quality, consistent, and strategic enforcement across the agency.

In 2018, Michele was promoted to the Director of Government Contracts Enforcement where she serves as leader and visionary for the Office of Policy, Division of Government Contracts Enforcement (DGCE). Michele provides unwavering leadership and direction to a group of senior and staff level Wage and Hour Specialists. Among other things, in this role, Michele is heavily engaged in developing guidance for Wage and Hour Investigators (WHIs) concerning enforcement of the Davis Bacon and Related Acts, the Service Contract Act, the Walsh Healy Public Contracts Act, the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act and the Copeland Act.

In September 2020, WHD Administrator requested Michele to serve as the Acting Associate Administrator for Policy. In this role, Michele was responsible for the development and dissemination of policy and procedural guidance in all areas of law administered and enforced by WHD. In 2021, under a new Administration, Michele was requested to lead the Davis-Bacon Initiative 2021 (DB121). DBI21 is an ambitious undertaking which takes a holistic approach to modernizing the entire DBA program by November 2022. The project scope includes regulations, enforcement, survey, determinations and publication, and outreach and engagement. Michele is currently serving as DGCE Director and DBI21 Leader.

Outside of work, Michele meets no strangers and enjoy interacting with new people, reading, walking, and spending time with family and friends.


Miriam Marte

Branch Chief, Wage and Hour Division at U S Department of Labor

Miriam began her career with the Department of Labor in 1993 in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management (OASAM). While with OASAM she was detailed to the White House for six months in the Office of Political Affairs. In 1994, Miriam joined the Wage and Hour Division where she is currently serves as the Branch Chief in the Branch of Service Contract Act Wage Determinations.

Miriam was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States in 1980. She attended school and lives in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

Miriam has a very supportive family to include her 28-year-old son, Alex, who recently got his master’s degree in architecture. She also has a 21-year daughter, Jasmin, who is working full time and a 3-year-old granddaughter. In Miriam’s free time, she enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.

Mark Matheson (Western Region Vice President at NSRMCA)

Mark Matheson

Western Region Vice President at NSRMCA

CEO, Matheson Trucking

Mike Melendrez (Senior Director, Surface Logistics of United States Postal Service)

Mike Melendrez

Senior Director, Surface Logistics of United States Postal Service
Bridget Rice (Senior Director, Transportation Continuous Improvement, Transportation Strategy of United States Postal Service)

Bridget Rice

Senior Director, Transportation Continuous Improvement, Transportation Strategy of United States Postal Service
Albert Rosette (Director of Expedite - Mail Division at ITS Logistics)

Albert Rosette

Director of Expedite - Mail Division at ITS Logistics
Bob Rosser (Director, Postal Affairs of IWCO Direct)

Bob Rosser

Director, Postal Affairs of IWCO Direct

Bob Rosser has been in the mailing industry in a variety of roles for over 40 years. He is the Director, Postal Affairs for IWCO Direct. IWCO Direct is a full service Marketing Service Production Partner producing 2.5 Billion pieces of Direct mail for its diverse client base. Bob leads the company’s postal strategy for its marketing clients overseeing postal optimization, commingling, and logistics operations to meet their postage and in-home delivery requirements.

Bob was elected by his industry peers and currently serves as the Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) Industry Co-Chair. For the Delivery Technical Advocacy Council (DTAC), he leads the Postal Operations and Technology Committee as its chair. He also continues to serve on the Board and Executive Committee for the Association of Postal Commerce (PostCom). As of 2022, Bob also represents IWCO as its representative for the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM).

Pete Routsolias (VP of Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service)

Pete Routsolias

VP of Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service
John Sheehy (President at NSRMCA)

John Sheehy

President at NSRMCA

President of Glanta, Inc.

Paul Shish (Contracting Officer, Leader at United States Postal Service)

Paul Shish

Contracting Officer, Leader at United States Postal Service

Daniel Simms

Director, Division of Wage Determinations at United States Department of Labor

Daniel Simms is the Director, of Division of Wage Determinations in the Wage and Hour Division (WHD) of the U.S. Department of Labor. Daniel started his Federal Service in 1992 with the General Services Administration. Daniel started his WHD professional career in SCA wage determination, moved to the Branch of Government Contracts enforcement and become the Director of Wage Determinations in 2015 where he has a staff of 45 employees. Daniel oversees the Branch of Service Contracts Wage Determinations, Branch of Construction Wage Determinations, and the Branch of Wage Surveys. Daniel also mentor’s employees interested in transitioning to management positions. Mr. Simms enjoys golfing and cycling in his spare time. Daniel is married and has two children in college, Bryan and Brittany and resides in St. Charles County, Maryland.

Kathleen Siviter (Assistant Executive Director of National Association of Presort Mailers)

Kathleen Siviter

Assistant Executive Director of National Association of Presort Mailers

Kathleen J. Siviter was selected as Assistant Executive Director of the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM) in February 2018, and prior to that provided consulting services to the NAPM for several years.

Prior to her position with NAPM, Ms. Siviter was President of Postal Consulting Services, Inc. (PCSi) which provides consulting services to industry associations, businesses, and suppliers within the mailing industry. Before she formed PCSi in 2000, Ms. Siviter served for seven years as Vice President for the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom). She also worked for the U. S. Postal Service for eleven years, including a two-year management training program, where she received two years of in-depth and hands-on training as a manager in each functional area with increasing levels of responsibility. Ms. Siviter received a Special Achievement Award from then Postmaster General Tony Frank for her work on a letter automation initiative. For the latter part of Ms. Siviter's USPS career, she served in the Office of Classification and Rates (OCRA) at USPS headquarters.

Ms. Siviter has presented on a wide variety of topics at events including National Postal Forum general session, PostalVision, numerous Postal Customer Council (PCC) events, MTAC meetings, mailing industry association meetings, and numerous webinars and podcasts. She has also authored numerous white papers, reports and articles and continues to publish a quarterly report on USPS service performance.

Blake Skelton (Team Lead BDM, Renewable Natural Gas at Shell)

Blake Skelton

Team Lead BDM, Renewable Natural Gas at Shell

Blake Skelton currently serves as the Manager for the Business Development, Sales and Marketing team within Shells Renewable Natural Gas organization. He is originally from Senatobia, MS, and a proud graduate of Mississippi State University. Blake began his career with Shell in supply chain operations in upstream exploration and was stationed between Dutch Harbor, Barrow and Deadhorse, Alaska. After leaving Alaska he served a brief stint supporting Shell’s Permian Basin assets as the Continuous Improvement and Project Manager. He then transitioned to the downstream side of Shell and served as the Business and Product Development Manager for Shell Fleet Solutions where he developed the electrification strategy for how they will meet customers’ needs in the energy transition. Blake joined the Renewables Natural Gas organization in April of 2022 and plans to help his team continue to grow Shells presence nationwide as a major player in the R-CNG space. In his spare time Blake likes to surf, enjoy live music, and spend time exploring with his wonderful wife and 2 young children.

Antoine Slaughter (Executive Manager of Transportation Service CMC, Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service)

Antoine Slaughter

Executive Manager of Transportation Service CMC, Transportation Strategy at United States Postal Service
Terry Stumpff (Member at Large at NSRMCA)

Terry Stumpff

Member at Large at NSRMCA

TN Stumpff Enterprises, LLC

Tom Swenson (Manager - Global Regulatory Affairs at Cummins)

Tom Swenson

Manager - Global Regulatory Affairs at Cummins

Tom began his career in 1988 with the California Energy Commission working with alternative fuels. In 1993, he joined the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management working to reduce emissions from mobile sources, including the development of heavy-duty incentive programs.

Tom joined Cummins in 2003 and has held a number of roles, including retrofit diesel particulate filters, service center general manager, sales manager and natural gas business development. In his current role as a Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Tom is works with regulatory agencies, business partners and industry partners to implement Cummins’ Destination Zero effort.

Tom is based in Sacramento, California, holds a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Sacramento State and a California Professional Engineering license.


Pete Volis

Director of Business Development at Road Ready Advanced Telematics

Pete Volis is the Director of Business Development at Road Ready Advanced Telematics. With over 20 years of B2B technology sales experience, he understands the needs of those in transportation. Pete helps to deliver clear and comprehensive solutions to fleets each day and has consistently represented Road Ready in an ethical and professional manner. Highly competitive, he consistently works to exceed his own performance, focus on results, and drive Road Ready into the future.

Derek Whaley (Business Development at ROUSH CleanTech)

Derek Whaley

Business Development at ROUSH CleanTech

Linda Wolfe

HQ Delivery Support Specialist, CDS Coordinator at United States Postal Service